How Calgary Plumbing Professionals Address The Leaky Pipes

It all depends on the type of leak and the level of expertise you have when it comes to fixing the leaking pipes. Some homeowners will try to take on the repairs all by themselves, and others might be applying temporary fixes to bide their time. It is always ideal is to let a Calgary plumbing professional deal with the job, although it is possible to fix a leaky pipe. These plumbers are skilled and qualified enough at doing these kinds of repairs that are required.

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The following are the easiest ways to fix the leaky pipes with the help of Calgary plumbing professionals:

Turn off the main water supply and the faucet.

Before addressing the leaky pipe, one should ensure that you turn off the main water supply.

It would help if you always started by turning off the water supply and any faucets connected to the pipe while fixing this leaky pipe. The drainage of the water is the reasoning that can be done here. Lines that still have water in them need not work with these as it can impact the efficiency of the repairs.

It would assist if you switched off the water supply after you have found out the stopcock. You may turn off the valve connecting to the problematic pipes if possible. While turning off the water valve, a flat-head screwdriver is quite useful. It is from house to house that a flat-head screwdriver is helpful at. You can find it in the crawl space or in the basement in most of cases. You can turn it clockwise to stop the flow when you find it. The leakage can be stopped temporarily hereto prevent further water damage.

You can turn off the faucets by allowing water to run until the pipes are empty after shutting down the water supply. To drain the water, you simply have to turn the faucet, and you need to keep in mind to turn it off again after having done this.

Dry off the pipes with Calgary plumbing professionals

You will have to dry the pipes once you have drained all the water. A wet pipe can be slippery to handle during the repair process is what the reason here is. You need to find a clean cloth and use it to wipe the area that surrounds the leak easily. Until the pipes are completely dry, you need to do this. You can also set a cloth or a bucket underneath the leaky pipes to arrest stray drops of water from the leak if possible.

Application of putty on the pipes

To fix the leaky pipes, the plumbing putty is a compound that can be used. You need to ensure that you put on a pair of nitrile or latex gloves before handling the putty. It can cause pain to the exposed skin with the epoxy putty that tends to heat up. It is thin enough to let you work without any hindrance as you need to make sure that the gloves are not too thick.

You need to rip off a piece of epoxy putty from within the tube and knead it with the help of your fingers. To get it activated, the lighter exterior will mix with the darker epoxy. It would help if you stopped kneading it when the putty turns light grey. Then, around the leak, by wrapping it around the pipe, completely mold the plumbing epoxy putty.

Replacing the leaking parts of the pipes

You may need to substitute for the damaged section of the pipe and replace the complete pipe altogether for a permanent solution. You may need to purchase new pipe fixtures along with the right types of couplings for connecting the pipes in these instances.

Clamping the small leaks with Calgary plumbing

It is a significant investment when it comes to the replacement of the pipes. It may not be an affordable option to replace the complete pipe for the smaller leaks. The professionals of Calgary plumbing uses pipe clamps to stop the leaks.

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